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Mindful Modern Mom Podcast:Perfection is an Illusion. Personal Development is Everything

May 23, 2018

In this interview with Dajon Ferrell we discuss suffering from PTSD,  what helped her heal and the tools she now shares and uses with her 8 yr. old son who is an empath. We discuss what it's like to have son's who are empaths and how important it is to fill their life skills toolbox with. 

Dajon is a multi-passionate mama who works with veterans to help them choose more meditation over medication when possible, Graphic Designer for Entrepreneurs, Motivational Speaker & Coach.

In this episode

  • Healing from PTSD as a Mother
  • Raising an Empathic Child 
  • Her Morning Routine
  • Knowing our child's love language
  • Giving Our Children Permission to have their space when they need it 

Mentioned in this episode