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Mindful Modern Mom Podcast:Perfection is an Illusion. Personal Development is Everything

Apr 30, 2018

Interview with founder of Mom-Me-Circle
Belle Boesch, she helps new moms find themselves again.

Listen in as she shares valuable tools & resources for moms.

Apr 21, 2018

On this episode of Mindful Modern Mom Podcast mindful modern mom Vanessa and I discussed spirituality, lessons learned from raising child number one and practicing presence and really cherishing each moment.

Apr 20, 2018

Join Bernadette for another Know & Grow yourself segment of the Mindful Modern Mom Podcast where she shares inspirational personal development prompts for moms.

On this episode, she invites you to give yourself more grace while making improvements in the areas of your life that matter most.

Apr 12, 2018

In this episode, I interview Shauna Lay a Mindful Modern Mom of two school-age boys who is one of my absolutely amazing.

In this episode, you will learn:

How to feel emotions in your body, why it’s important and how to invite your kids to join in the exploration!

How to separate your personal parental fears from...